The farming business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today because people must eat daily.

In the case of Nigeria, people always ask if the farming business is lucrative in the country. In today’s article, we’ll look into the farming business in the country and see if the business is a lucrative one or not.

The whole idea of this article is to reveal everything you need to know regarding the agricultural business in Nigeria.

A lot of youths in the country have segregated themselves from the line of agriculture due to the mentality they have toward agricultural business in the country. There is this popular notion among Nigerians that agriculture is for the poor or the ageing parents in the rural villages.

In the rural part of Nigeria, most of the people who take the farming business serious are ageing parents, this is as a result of youths always striving to move to the city when they come of age. They always believe that the greener pasture is always in the city.

Before I go any further, let us look at some important things regarding the farming business in the country.

What Is the reason why Nigerians are not going into farming?

In the cost of my research and experience as a Nigerian, I came to realize that some factors affect or hinder people from going into the farming business, most importantly the youths in the country.

These factors are;

Agricultural Education

A lot of Nigerian youths who grew up in the urban regions of the country lack the know-how of how to establish an agricultural business in the country. Even with the rising numbers of agricultural programs being introduced by different NGOs in the country. some still find it difficult to venture into the agricultural business.

Only a handful of the youths are developing an interest in the agricultural business and most of them have been doing great.

People fail to understand that they could actually get knowledge from available materials (doing online courses or reading books) on how to start an agricultural business.

They can leverage the knowledge other people have acquired, by consulting experts in the field of agriculture but most of them fail to understand this fact


The fear of being attack by herdsmen and armed militias in the country has contributed to the rising fear in Nigeria society.

Nigeria has been in a state of war for over a decade now, this was as a result of different armed groups attacking people.

The popular one among all is the attack by cattle rearers who are constantly having problems with farmers. This predicament has been on as both headers and farmers keep playing blame games. 

Some headers will accuse farmers of planting on their grazing routes while farmers will blame them for trespassing and feeding their livestock with their food crops.

The government ignored this rising tension for reasons well known to the authorities responsible for taking care of problems like this.

Lack Of Funds 

This has been one of the most popular words used by people who want to venture into farming. 

Some people have the tenacity and will to start the farming business but they find it difficult to raise the required capital needed to establish the business.

These funds are needed for things like fertilizer, to pay workers,  hire machinery, buy seedlings and many more. An average youth who is struggling to pay his bills might be discouraged by factors like this.

As it is always said, everything that has a disadvantage will always have an advantage. The aim of this article is not to discourage aspiring farm entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start a farming business.

Our major focus is to look at the bright side of the picture and see how we can correct the food scarcity in the country.

I know you’re eager to know if the business is a lucrative one, don’t worry I’ll show you all that you need to know regarding this line of business.

The farming business is a very lucrative one if you’re ready to take these directions that I’ll explain below.

 I know there is some unfavourable condition in the country but there is more money to be made in the agricultural sector. In other to make money from the farming business in Nigeria, you need to do the following;

Be an advocate of food Production

I always encourage people to be an ambassador and advocate in the production of food in the country. What do I mean by that?
As a young man who might lack the financial capability to start a farming business, you can partner with farmers in the rural area, teach them and encourage them to know the importance of what they are doing.
You can become a bridge that links them to different NGOs and the government by ensuring that they get the required equipment, fertilizers and seedlings they need.
If you can start a selfless act like that, you can make money by doing so. let me explain something to you how you can make money out of nothing by supporting these farmers.
For example, if it is time for harvest, you can use your level of exposure to make money from this business by using social media to promote this foodstuff.
You can take pictures of the harvested farm produce, help the farmers to package this produce the run a Facebook advert for these foodstuffs. 

Let say the farmer is ready to sell a bag of Irish potatoes for the sum of 8000 Naira. You can actually sell that same back for 15000 Naira. 

You’ll have to take care of the logistics and the delivery of the products to the buyer. At the end of the day, you might be able to make 5000 Naira out of nothing.

By so doing the farmers will be happy with your invaluable contribution toward the sales of their products. 

The whole idea is to see how lucrative the farming business is regarding making money out of nothing. From the example above you could actually see how you can start making money without actually owning farmland. your job is to advocate for farm produce that could actually help the farmers while you make money from the sales and marketing of the farm produce.


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