Barbing salon business is a very lucrative one if you operate it with style and class. This line of business involves you dealing with people and building emotional connections by pleasing them.

With this article, you can learn how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria. Without wasting much time, let us dive into what you need to know regarding barbing salon business in Nigeria.

The first thing you need to look at is; 


Barbing salon business doesn’t require capital that will make you break the bank for any reason. This simply means that this line of business can be established with as low as 400,000 Naira. You might be wondering if 400,000 is too much.

The truth is, 400,000 is what I regard as the minimum amount that is suitable in creating a 5-star barbing salon in Nigeria.

With the 400,000 Naira startup capital, here are the most important things you need to purchase in the cause of starting your business.

  • Rent 
  • Source of power supply (Generator set)
  • Salon decorations (painting and wallpapers) 
  • Hairdressing tools
  • Grooming tools
  • Mirror, cabinet and furniture

All of these mentioned above are a few but most important basics you need to spend your money on in the cause of starting your salon business.

Starting a barbing salon in Nigeria

Getting the right location for your business

The location of your business will determine the success or failure of your business. Before picking a location for your barbing salon business, here are something’s you need to consider;

Nature of the environment 

Ensure that your select a busy location with high traffic such as a market or close to a shopping mall

Level of competition

Competition is great, but not good for your business when you’re starting out. Try as much as possible to stay away from highly competitive environments.


The barbing salon business always needs constant electricity to power air conditioners and recharge clippers. When choosing a location, make sure that the area is always having a constant electrical supply.

Water Supply

Water is very essential when it comes to barbing saloon business. you’ll need water for cleaning the environment and washing towels. when selecting a location, ensure you consider water supply as you’ll be needing it for your business.

Besides all that has been mentioned above, you need to conduct research on the location by knowing things like the demographics, competitors and access route to the salon. 

Employ Professional Barbers

getting the right professionals that will work for you is very important for your business, You need to ensure you screen them base on character, skills and professionalism.

Our major focus here is the professionalism aspect of your business. Don’t joke with this stage of your barbing salon business.

You’ll need beauticians, barbers, cleaners and other professionals that will keep your business up and running.

salon business

Operational Stage Of Your Business

At this stage, I’ll assume that you have carried out all the things I mentioned above. For reference purposes, you can bookmark this page.

To officially start the operation of your barbing salon, ensure you consider the following below.

Create a business plan

Your business plan is like the blueprint of your business, it is just like a breathing document that determines the success and failure of your business.

You can draft this business plan yourself or better still, you can consult an expert to take care of that for you.

Consider Your Clients

Before you embark on the design and painting of your salon, make sure that it meets the standard that is suitable to the kind of clientele you want to reach or target. Try as much as possible to make the environment as porch as you can. This will help in setting the standard of your shop and this will determine the kind of customers that will visit your shop.

Hygienic Environment

Try as much as possible to make your environment clean and hygienic enough. Always wash your towels, put them in a dryer and ensure you sterilize your tools properly before using them on your clientele.

Offer Different Services

Offering different kinds of services such as hairdressing, manicure and pedicure will help your business a lot. This will give you an added advantage or edge over those who focus on only a few services.

A lot of clients such as the female, they prefer to make their hair, do their manicure and pedicure all in one place. 

Satisfy Your Clients

Your client satisfaction should be your number one priority when it comes to the salon business. Try as much as possible to maintain an atmosphere that has a reputation for providing quality hair and beauty services. Make them feel at home by trying to make them comfortable at all costs.

Marketing Strategy

You can use banners in strategic locations to advertise your salon. If you intend to reach a wider audience, you can use social media such as Facebook to run an ad that is targeted to people with the state, city or area where your barbing salon is located.


If you have any questions regarding how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria, you can drop them in the comment section.

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