There is a popular saying among Nigerians “Warri No dey carry last” this simply means that Nigerians are known for their strong will when it comes to being successful at what they do.

A Nigerian is known to bring something out of nothing even amid limited resources within his reach.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing how to become the biggest shoe manufacturer in Nigeria within one year as a nobody. This article is channelled to shoemakers who want to be successful in their business.

Over the years there has been a rising demand for customized shoes by Nigerians who want something classic that can go well with their dresses. The popular one among them is the Ankara dress that is mostly used by both males and females. Shoemakers are now coming up with wonderful designs using fabric materials.

Most Nigerians are known for paparazzi in weddings and occasions as this has become a popular norm in the Nigerian society of today.

We have seen children learning the craft from a very tender age and a lot of them are doing great when it comes to being innovative and creative with their design.

I, as a person, prefer wearing custom designs to the conventional foreign design being sold in the market, mostly boutiques. Custom shoes give me that elegance and confidence by bringing out my personality.

In places like Jos and Aba, in Nigeria. Shoemaking is one of the most popular trades in those regions. 15 out of 100 youths are into the craft of shoemaking. This has led to the rise of healthy competition among these youths. They are competing to create the best design that can actually beat their competitor to make enough sales.

The question remains, “How Can One Become The Biggest Shoe Manufacturer In Nigeria Within One Year”?

Becoming the biggest shoe manufacturer in a year is very feasible and realistic if you try to implement what I’m going to reveal.

These steps are no rocket science, they are strategies that can move you from the manufacture of 10 pears of shoes to a dealer and supplier of 100s of shoes daily.

Shoe manufacturing business in Nigeria

Below is the step by step guide to becoming the biggest shoe manufacturer in Nigeria

You’ll need the following if you must expand to compete in the manufacturing business
  • Start-up capital
  • Create a brand
  • Buy machines for your work
  • Get a business Location
  • Setup a website
  • Marketing strategy
  • Work with tailors
  • Employ workers

Start-up capital

Every business needs start-up capital in other to operate. If you are thinking of venturing into the manufacturing of footwear then you should think of how to get funds.

Getting funds can sometimes be discouraging but not impossible. To get funds for your business you can get a loan from companies offering loans and most of these loans come without collateral.

Create a brand

By creating a brand you’re simply creating an identity for your business. When people see any of your shoes, they should be able to identify them. This is why it is always important to focus on quality and not just sales alone.

To create a brand, you can contact a graphics designer around you or someone from Fiverr to do branding for your footwear business. By the time you have worked on your design, you can now think of a means of engraving your brand or logo within any part of your footwear.

Buy Machines for your work

Having great tools and working machines is a good way to start a business. Ensure you buy the right number of machines that can speed up the production process.

Get a business location

When we talk about getting a business location, we don’t mean you renting a shop. The location of your business matters. It determines the success or failure of your business.
You can’t go to a rural village to sell a gold wristwatch. Only 1 in 100 will probably buy from you. If your shoes cost thousands of Naira then you must establish a place where people with class and wealth can buy from you.

Create a website

We’re in the 21st century, every business is now moving to the web, the internet is a very powerful means of reaching a wide audience.

People are now searching for almost everything online. Why not tap into that and convert those search queries into leads for your business.

The most commonly used website for shoe manufacturers is the e-commerce website. Such kind of website allows you to list all your shoes and put a price tag on them. 

With today modern-day technology, you don’t need to meet physically with your client. Almost everything is automated online through different payment gateways that allow people to shop on your website using their credit cards.

Marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is your selling point, it is what makes you different from other competitors. This marketing strategy has to do with how well you can put your product in front of those who might need it.
You can use other popular advertising websites or social media platforms to sell your products and make real cash.

Work with tailors

Tailors are great plugs to getting clients for your business, you can advertise the idea of creating a customized brand of shoes that go well with the dress. Most people buy any ideas sold to them by their tailor.
If you can convince tailors to sell the idea of custom shoes to their clients while they earn a commission then you should be getting a lot of orders every day.

Employ workers

There are talented youths who are good with the craft but due to lack of funds, they have remained stagnant in the business. You can employ them to work for your company while you pay them monthly for their services.


If you can work around this, I believe you will be competing with other big brands in Nigeria within one year. I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, don’t forget to share with people who might find it helpful.

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