Do you think or feel you’re a dummy? If that is what you think, then I want to disagree with you. Everyone was a dummy at some stage of life when it comes to business. 

You might want to start your own business but you think you need to go to a business school before you can start up a successful business. That is false again!

In this article, I want to highlight 5 different business ideas for a dummy (Someone with no business degree but has the mindset of an entrepreneur).

This article is going to be a lengthy one as I’ll be highlighting different things you need to know regarding businesses you can start as a dummy.

Business Ideas for dummies

Below is the list of business ideas you can use to make money

  • Janitorial Business
  • Social Media Manager
  • Child care service
  • Website designer
  • Youtuber
  • Blogger

Janitorial Business

This line of business is very lucrative in places like Lagos and Abuja. A lot of people are always busy from Monday to Saturday. Most of them only find time for themselves only on Sunday. As Nigerians, we all know that Sunday is not a free day for Christians. As an entrepreneur, you can leverage this kind of opportunity and make some cool bucks by doing janitorial services.

Before you can start this business, you need to do the following

  1. Register your janitorial company with the CAC
  2. Get working equipment
  3. Set up your business website
Register Your janitorial Business

For you to be recognized as a company, you need to register your business with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). This company is responsible for the registration and reservation of businesses in Nigeria.

With the insecurity in the country, you cannot just walk into someone’s house or company claiming to be a janitor.

Get working equipment

As a janitor, you need some basic equipment to help you in working effectively. Some of this equipment are Cleaning buckets, moppers, vacum cleaner, shovel, wheel barrows and many more.

These equipment cost some few bucks but they are actually affordable. Make sure you have access to them before thinking of starting a janitorial company.

Set up a business website

Setting up a website is an added advantage to your janitorial business even though it is completely optional. Daily, millions of people are searching on the internet for products or services.

As a janitorial company with a website, you can convert those search queries into leads that will patronize your business.

Social Media Manager

Working remotely as a social media manager can also pay your bills. What you simply have to do is to manage social media pages of big brands and celebrity pages.

Most of these celebrities don’t have time to be posting on social media, so they need someone that can keep their online presence active while they work on other important things.

For you to get such kind of job is not actually easy but achievable. the reason why I said is not easy is because such jobs involve trust and competence. If you exhibit such qualities people and companies can offer you such kind of job.

Childcare Service

This is popularly known as the Nani job in Nigeria. There are a lot of working-class people who find it difficult to take care of their kids due to the nature of their job. As a child care specialist, you can offer your service to them by taking care of their kids before they return from their jobs.

Doing this business can make you a lot of money. In places like Lagos and Abuja, you can make an average of 15,000-25,000 monthly offering such kind of service. Just imagine you taking care of up to 10 kids while collecting 25,000 from each parent.

Website Designer

Website design is a job anyone can do. With frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla and blogger. Anyone can set up a website without having to know how to code. 

Most of these frameworks are simply drag and drop. You can make money by offering Webdesign services to small businesses and clients who want a simple blog.

If you think you don’t have the knowledge to start that, you can learn from youtube or Udemy and within a month you should be good at designing any kind of website.


Youtube is one of the most visited websites when it comes to video. Anyone can set up a youtube channel and start putting up content.

Youtube has a monetization option that allows you to get paid for sharing videos and entertaining viewers. You can make pretty good money from the comfort of your home using this monetization feature.


Anyone can become a blogger as long as you have something to teach the world using writing. Companies like Google and propeller allows you to make money by just posting informative articles that people want to read.
Just try to solve a problem with your blogger and these companies will reward you for any visitor clicks of ads on your blog.


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