One of the hindrances that stop
people from starting a business apart from capital is a lack of business ideas.
It is even possible for you to have money to start a business, but once you
don’t have a good business idea, your money will just remain idle wherever you
keep it. Getting an idea of the type of business you can start isn’t difficult,
but there are some things you need to factor in such as the type of audience
your business will be serving among many other things.

I have therefore put together this list so you can easily see the business idea
that will be easy for you to start.

18 lucrative businesses you can start from rural areas in Nigeria

18 lucrative businesses you can start from rural areas
in Nigeria 

Egg Supply and Distribution

It’s a good idea to have eggs available for distribution. You can also own a
poultry farm, which will make it easier.

You could supply eggs to both retailers and hotels.
Eggs are a good source of animal protein and can be eaten daily.
Other than that, eggs are used to make cosmetics, soaps, confectioneries, and
hair conditioners.
Egg supply and distribution are a profitable business idea that you can start
in Nigeria to make money in 2021.
Your business will grow as you increase your customer base. You will also make
more profit.

Production of Ice Blocks and Sale

If you think of Nigerian startup ideas, the
first thing that comes to your mind is ice block production.
Perhaps Nigeria’s tropical climate, which is rich in sunlight and heat, could
be a reason for such thoughts.

You can also make a profit with very little capital.
You will need water, electricity, and a good freezer to get the job done.
You’re amazed at how simple it is to do this.

There might not be electricity in certain parts of town. People will always
look for ways to preserve food like soup.

Drinks and water require at least a little bit of ice.
You can imagine making money by drinking water.
Water that has been made into a solid-state (ice block) is serving a different

Hair Salon and Cosmetics

is a great career choice if you love beauty.
The niche is constantly changing so you’ll need to keep up with the latest
trends to remain relevant.
A hair salon and cosmetics business are very lucrative in Nigeria and all over
the world. People naturally want to look good.
A unisex salon could be opened and staffed with male and female employees.


The food business offers many
lucrative opportunities. Food is an important priority, no matter what the
global situation. Every day, food is in high demand. With the right location
and skills in cooking, you can attract many customers to your business. You
could open a franchise such as Mr. Biggs, or the Chicken Republic. These brands
are popular with Nigerians. Another option is to open a local restaurant that
offers a particular type of food. For example, a restaurant that serves Calabar
cuisine. You could also make and deliver food to parties and events. There are
no boundaries to success in the food industry!


Dry cleaning can be done from the comfort of
your own home. You can purchase a washing machine, wash, iron, and deliver
clothes to customers for as low as 20,000 nairas. This will allow you to make a
steady income over the long term.


Nigeria is a leader in photography.
Photography is an integral part of everyday life, from weddings to birthdays to
seminars. It is easy to set up a photography studio and get clients. You only
need a good camera to get started. Mobile photography is also possible. You can
expand your business. This business is both lucrative and affordable to start.

Raw Food Stuff Business

This profitable business can yield good returns on investments in Nigeria.
Nigerians love to eat homemade food more than fast food, which is a stark
contrast to their foreign counterparts. You would sell things like rice, beans,
and Garri among other things.

Call card business

This business type is also known as the recharge
card business. Nigerians are hardly the only ones who don’t have a smartphone.
This is why recharge card entrepreneurs are so successful. As you tap into the
market, you too can get on board.

Daycare Business

Even after having children, there will always be a need to earn a living.
Daycare centres are a great way to make money. Their services are unrivalled and
indispensable. You can start a daycare centre if you are passionate about
children and babies.

Okrika Bale Business

This business can be very lucrative
as you could make twice the actual bale price.
You can either post the photos online with prices attached, or you can make
them available to individuals.
This state of the economy will ensure that Okrika can always be purchased. This
makes it a profitable business to start in Nigeria right now.
Lagos, Onitsha, and Kano are good places to buy clothes.
It all depends on your startup. This can range from 10,000 to 300,000 Naira.

11. Phone Repair Business

In Nigeria, there isn’t a single
adult without a smartphone. This shows that the phone industry and all related
businesses are profitable ones. You can learn the skills necessary to repair
phones and tap into the vast market.

Top 18 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start From Rural Areas in Nigeria

Mobile car wash business

The mobile auto wash is a great way
to reduce start-up costs. You can start a mobile car detailing company with
very affordable supplies and tools, and then grow as your needs change. You
will be able to work in customer garages, driveways, and parking lots. This
gives you visibility for marketing purposes. There are two downsides to this:
you can’t work outside in inclement weather, and you have to carry all the
necessary supplies and tools.

Party Rental Business

Party rental businesses are a great
way to make extra income and can eventually turn into a full-time, lucrative
business. Nigerians love to party and sometimes party rentals may not be able
to provide what they need. A party rental company can help you bridge this gap.

Electronics Repair Business

It is easy to start an electric
repair company. However, you’ll need to be familiar with all the details. A
business that specializes in electric repairs has unlimited potential for
profit and low startup costs. Many people have made a great living in this
industry. Nigerians continue to need the services of electricians.

Auto-Repair Shop

The auto repair industry is
important all over the world. Because cars need to be fixed. Before you can
start this type of business, it is important to learn everything that is needed
in the auto repair business. You will need to learn and acquire good skills in
this area.

Centre for Match Viewing

Although we have televisions at
home, the experience of watching football in a viewing center is something that
is truly priceless. The viewing center experience allows football fans to meet
people from all walks of life, religions, and tribes. You should seriously
consider setting up a viewing center with a grilling station and minibar.

Natural Honey

It’s easier for a camel than natural
honey to be filtered through the eye of a needle these days. You can start by
investing in the production and sale of undiluted honey. Many people prefer
honey and less sugar. You can make a lasting business if you promise your
customers the undiluted version and provide it.


Because Nigerians love accessories,
the handcrafts industry is very profitable in Nigeria. You can learn this
important skill to start a business from your home.

You might be tempted to wear native beads to give your attire a traditional
touch when you dress up for parties.

Beads, earrings, Ankara bags, shoes, and other accessories made by hand can be
a great gift for party lovers and are the most popular types of African
jewellery. They are mostly used for beauty and do an excellent job!

Many people have learned how to make these beads due to the high demand. Here’s
where you come in. You can learn at vocational centres or view as many YouTube
tutorial videos.

 So, these are some of the 18 businesses you can start from rural areas in Nigeria. Please if you enjoyed these great ideas kindly comment below for more business ideas. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share

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